New IT Business Models

Chip Photo
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Where’s my next big thing?

Tesla Coil
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The Hype

How would be the future of rental offices?

Two persons sitting in front of a table with a computer on top
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A quick review of Valve Culture

Welcome to Flatland

Two persons at a front door greeting the camera
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This company is yours to steer — toward opportunities and away from risks. You have the power to green-light projects. You have the power to ship products

Quick Review of the Industry

Young man screaming with Headsets on
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The rise of video games as a form of entertainment, far surpassing industries like cinema has made a statement about its importance to our world.

Team Organization

4 Reasons to set-up a Digital Infrastructure

Woman smiling and a Tablet in front
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#freefortnite or #freeEpic?

Fortnite Screen
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The good and bad points of the new platform

Airbnb Logo
airbnb Logo / DesignStudio


How marketers could approach a Microsoft owned TikTok or similar platforms

TikTok Logo
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Commitments and requirements of brands in the new age of social movements

Calvin Klein Pride Campaign 2020 featuring Jari Jones
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